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Proceedings of the meeting held in the context of Lok General Elections-2019 with the officials with All Assistant Nirbhay Officers, 13-Madhepura Parliamentary Constituency and Assistant Nirbhay Officer 8-Supaul Parliamentary Constituency-cum-land reforms deputy collector, Madhepura and others in the chairmanship of District Election Officer-cum-District Magistrate, Madhepura on 11-03-2019. 20/03/2019 Download(718 KB)
Allotment Order -Disaster Management Office. 20/03/2019 Download(211 KB)
Proceedings of the review meeting held in connection with the Lok Sabha General Election -2019 under the chairmanship of Commissioner, Kosi division, Saharsa on 18-03-19. 20/03/2019 Download(323 KB)
L787 Dt 18-03-19 | Holi – Joint Order | 19/03/2019 Download(2 MB)
D.B.NO. 270 Dt 16-03-19 | Product Confirmation Issue No.-74/2018 State vs Dhanik Lal Yadav and others. 18/03/2019 Download(1 MB)
Allotment Order – District Panchayat Office . 18/03/2019 Download(352 KB)
Allotment Order – District Panchayat Office . 18/03/2019 Download(1 MB)
L 758 DT 16-03-19 |Order -Law &Order Koshang | 17/03/2019 Download(444 KB)
L753 Dt 16-03-19 | Joint Order – Confidential department | 16/03/2019 Download(308 KB)
L553 Dt15-03-19 |Joint Order District Election Office | 16/03/2019 Download(1 MB)