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D.B.No. 281 Date 28-04-21 | Jamabandi Cancellation Case No.-12/2017 Arvind Prasad Sah alias Arvind Sah, Father- Late Triveni Sah, Thana-Singheshwar, Madhepura vs. Laxmi Yadav, Baidhanath Yadav, Father Late -Bhaneshwari Yadav, Thana-Singheshwar, Madhepura . 05/05/2021 View (816 KB)
D.B.No. 270 Date 19-04-21 | Jamabandi Cancellation Case No.-67/2018 Manoj Kumar Yadav Father Late -Mahadev Yadav ,Pama, Thana-Saurabazar, District-Saharsa Vs. Neelam Devi Husband-Ashok Yadav , Pariharpur, Thana-Bihariganj, Madhepura . 22/04/2021 View (2 MB)
D.B.No. 269 Date 19-04-21 | Jamabandi Cancellation Case No.-19/2015 Sarv Narayan Yadav, Haladhar Yadav, All those fathers-Ram Kishun Mandal, Ward No. -10, Police Station-Madhepura vs. State, Bhupendra Yadav, Father-Mr. Jayanarayan Mandal, Chakla, Laxmipur, Uttavari, Madhepura . 22/04/2021 View (5 MB)
D.B.No. 265 Date 15-04-21 | Jamabandi Cancellation Case No.-04/2021 Subdivisional Officer, Udkishunganj, Madhepura vs. Girish Kumar Father Narayan Sah, Anchal-Chausa, Madhepura | 17/04/2021 View (950 KB)
D.B.No. 246 Date 10-04-21 | Filing Dismissal Ribhijan Case No.-28/2016 Phuleshwari Devi Husband- Late Bito Kamat Police Station-Gwalpada, Madhepura Vs. Rajesh Kumar Father -Dinesh Yadav, Police Station -Gwalpada, Madhepura . 13/04/2021 View (1 MB)
Proceedings of review meeting of the work of Principal Clerks by Additional Collector, (Est.), Madhepura on 20-03-21. 06/04/2021 View (2 MB)
Monthly report-Registry Dept . 05/04/2021 View (123 KB)
Proceedings of weekly coordination meeting held by District Magistrate, Madhepura with District level officers of various departments on 15-03-2021. 03/04/2021 View (2 MB)
D.B.No. 222 dated 25-03-21. Filing Dismissal Ribhajan Case No. 45/2014 | Mahendra Mandal Father Kuldeep Mandal vs Sulekha Devi Chausa District Madhepura vs Chandrika Devi Pati Mahabir Yadav Chausa District Madhepura | 26/03/2021 View (2 MB)
L 913 dated 25-03-2021 | Order: – District Confidential Branch. 26/03/2021 View (535 KB)