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In the meeting of District Election Officer-cum-District Magistrate, Madhepura on 16-05-2019, in connection with the counting of 13-Madhepura parliamentary constituency in the Lok Sabha General Election-2019, assistant accused, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Madhepura and other officials Action taken together . 20/05/2019 Download(929 KB)
L82 Dt 13-05-19 |Order– Arms Section | 15/05/2019 Download(262 KB)
L83 Dt 13-05-19 |Order– Arms Section | 15/05/2019 Download(257 KB)
L1305 dated 14-05-19. Joint Order Intermediate Compartmental-cum-Special Examination 2019 | 15/05/2019 Download(3 MB)
D.B.NO. 538 dated 10-05-19 | Product Confirmation Issue No.-08/2019 State vs Naresh Yadav and others. 14/05/2019 Download(1,007 KB)
D.B.NO. 537 dated 10-05-19 | Product Confirmation Issue No.-111/2018 State vs Nandkishore Kumar and others. 14/05/2019 Download(1,019 KB)
L1282 Dt 10-05-19 | Joint Order – Secondary Compartmental-cum-Special Examination 2019 . 10/05/2019 Download(6 MB)
D.B.NO.177 dated 06-05-19 | Filing Dismiss Registration Number- 29/2013 Priyabrata Narayan Yadav, Father- late Tofi Mandal, Kolhuaa, Thana-Shankarpur, Madhepura Vs. Harekrishna Yadav, Father Jagdish Mandal,Kolhuaa, Thana-Shankarpur, Madhepura . 08/05/2019 Download(2 MB)
D.B.NO. 530 dated 08-05-19 | Inhibition under Section 144 of the Code of Penal Code. 09/05/2019 Download(343 KB)
Proceeding of District Coordination Committee Meeting with District Level Officers of different departments dated 06-05-19 by the District Magistrate, Madhepura. 09/05/2019 Download(956 KB)