Documents related to government notifications, orders, reports, guidelines and more appear here. Documents are uploaded here in PDF format and option is available to download them.

Title Date Download/Link
Proceedings of the review meeting of the functions of the Principal Clerks on the date 13-07-19 by the office superintendent, Madhepura. 22/07/2019 Download(3 MB)
D.B.NO.737 Dt 18-07-19 | Jamabandi cancellation appeals dispute No.-02/2017 Kartik Kumar Yadav vs. Zonal Officer, Kumarakhand and others. 22/07/2019 Download(2 MB)
Proceedings of District Coordination Meeting with District Level Officers of different departments, by District Magistrate, Madhepura on 15-07-19. 19/07/2019 Download(853 KB)
D.B.NO.719 Dt 16-07-19 | (Product Confirmation) Sealed Shops Exemption No.-12/2019 Ajay Chauhan Vs. State and Others . 18/07/2019 Download(628 KB)
D.B.NO.718 Dt 16-07-19 | Anganwadi appeals dispute number-01/2019 Phul Kumari vs. State and Reshma Kumari . 18/07/2019 Download(859 KB)
D.B.NO.715 Dt 16-07-19 | Product Confirmation Issue No.-16/2019 State vs. Pawan Kumar . 18/07/2019 Download(915 KB)
D.B.NO.285 dated 11-07-19 | Filing Dismiss Revision Issue Number-08/2012 Kusama Devi alias Baukia, Mother-Late Hahi Devi,husband-Sukhdev Mandal,Tharvapatti,Thana Bhargama, District-Araria Vs. Maldev Mandal,Father-Late Moti Mandal, Tharvapatti,Thana-Bhargama, District-Araria . 15/07/2019 Download(2 MB)
D.B.NO.284 dated 11-07-19 | Filing Dismiss Revision Issue Number-119/2016 Manju Devi ,husband-Harilal Pandit,Basudevpur Bathnaha, Thana-Puraini, District-Madhepura Vs. Vijay Kumar Das, Father-Ramchandra Das,Basudevpur Bathnaha, Thana-Puraini, District-Madhepura . 15/07/2019 Download(1 MB)
Allotment Order -Disaster Management Office. 12/07/2019 Download(538 KB)
D.B.NO.712 Dt 11-07-19 | Product Confirmation Issue No.-24/2019 State vs. Sonu Kumar and others. 12/07/2019 Download(920 KB)