Candidate Online Nomination

To facilitate the filling of nominations, the Election Commission is introducing an online portal for filling the nomination & affidavit. The Candidate can visit to create his/her account , file nomination , deposit the security money , check availability of time slot and appropriately plan his visit to the Returning Officer.

Once the application is filled through the online portal, the candidate only needs to take a printout, get it notarized and submit the application along with relevant documents to the Returning Officer in person. The application so printed from Online Portal will contain an encrypted QR code. Upon presentation of the application in front of the Returning Officer, details are verified by RO using a specially designed QR code reader. As the software connects with the electoral database directly, upon filling EPIC Number, the system auto-fetches the details of candidates and proposers and pre-fills the details. Candidate also gets various alerts and notifications through the Portal and also through  SMS.

The Online Nomination Facility is an optional facility and the regular offline submission as prescribed under the law shall continue too.

Candidate Permissions module:

The Permission module allows the candidates, political parties or any representatives of the candidate to apply online for  permission for meetings, rallies, loudspeakers, temporary offices, and others through SUVIDHA Portal . The Candidates can also track their application status through the same portal and also by using the Suvidha Candidate App.
In view of COVID-19, the Commission has directed that allocation of public spaces for meetings, rallies must be done using Suvidha app  as far as practicable.
The application will be available during elections for Candidates / Political Parties / Agents to download and use to track the nomination and permission status from the Google Play store:

Candidate Affidavit Portal:

The Complete list of Contesting Candidates with their profile, nomination status and the affidavits will be available for public view through Candidate Affidavit Portal: