The economy of the district mainly depends upon agriculture. It has seen several ups and downs perpetuated by Kosi in the form of flood, famine and drought. Flood and drought have remained the regular feature of the area . The history of Madhepura is traced back to the reign of Kushan Dynasty of ancient India .The “Bhant Community “ in Basantpur and Raibhir village under Shankarpur block as the descendents of the Kushan Dynasty. Madhepura was a part of Mauryan Dynasty , this fact is asserted by the Mauryan Pillar at Uda- Kishunganj. Singheshwar Asthan has the religious significance since ancient time as this land was the immediate place of the great Rishi, Shringi.The present Madhepura district had already got the status of Subdivision on 09th May 1845 but it has got the status of district on 9th May 1981.