Booth App

Booth App.

The polling process requires manual search of the name of the electors from the book. The majority of the time in the polling station is spent on performing the search. Similarly, as per the Commission prescription, every 2 hour report needs to be sent regarding poll turnout. There are multiple errors due to incorrect entries and manual entries. Later on, there is a lot of hassle on reconciliation of the figures from EVM Votes to the voter turnout.

The Voters rarely get to know the queue at the polling station and young voters get dissuaded due to the long queue.

Booth App is an integrated app of the ENCORE application, which facilitates in faster identification of voters using encrypted QR code from the digital marked copy of the electors. This reduces the queue, helps in faster polling and allows error-free recording of two hourly poll turnout with minimal intervention.

Now, in view of COVID-19 situation wherever possible, Booth App shall be used at the polling station. For information related to Booth App the website of the booth app is available i.e.