About District


The present Madhepura district had already got the status of subdivision on 09/05/1845 in which there were seven blocks. Saharsa district today was then the revenue circle of Madhepura at that time. When Saharsa became a district on 01/04/1954, Madhepura became its subdivision. Madhepura subdivision which had seven blocks at that time, was given the status of a district on 09/05/1981.On 21/05/83 Uda-kishunganj Block was upgraded and made a subdivision of Madhepura district in the name of Uda-kishunganj. Besides seven old blocks, four new blocks came in to existence in the year 1994. There were Gwalpara, Puraini, Bihariganj and Shankarpur. First thee blocks come under uda-kishunganj subdivision and last one is under Madhepura subdivision. Later on two more new blocks were constituted in the name of Ghailar and Gamaharia, under Madhepura subdivision in 1999.

Administrative setup:

The district Divided in two Subdivision and 13 blocks and 13 circle.


Density  400 per sq Km
Geographical Area 1792.50 Sq. K.m
Main Crops Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Jute, Oil Seeds/Sunflower, PulseMain
Horticulture Mango, Banana, Guava, Coconut, Litchi

Climetic Condition:

Madhepura district is situated between 25 31 and 26 20 latitude and in the middle of 86 36 to 87 07 longitudes. The maximum temperature of this district ranges from 35 to 40 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature varies from 7 to 9 degree Celsius. The average rail fall in this district is 1300mm.

Cultivating Land Utilization: The total areas of land for cultivation is 1,36,646 Hectare. Besides these, There is 1772 hectare of famished land which can be used for cultivation. 1272 hectare of barren land is covered with sand and rest areas of barren land is 3644 hectare. Procurement areas of paddy crop is 52165 hence, wheat is grown in 31431 hectare of land, maize in 34098 hectare of land, sugarcane is 801 hectare of land and potato is grown in 1442 hectare of land. Coconut Development Board, owned by Central Government, is situated in this district.

Industries and business:The condition of the industries and business is the district is beggar’s description due to the lock of proper development in the field of agriculture and industry. No big industry has been set up in the district. Even the condition of the small scale industries is not satisfactory. Only eight small scale industries are running in the district besides there, 2875 very small industries are running here.

The registered unit under factory act is 323 and 2981 persons are employed in there units. There are 200 marketing societies and 21 markets in the district under market management. 32 weekly markets are also held in this district. There are five nationalised banks in the district, giving their services to industrial and commercial areas with its 64 branches.

Animal wealth and poultry:The statistics of animal wealth and poultry in the district is as follows:

Buffalo (High breed) – 2177

Buffalo (General breed) – 109407

Cow (High breed) – 9285

Cow (General breed) – 165429

Along with the above statistics, there are about 222886 goats, 30580 pigs are tamed. Under poultry industries about 110720 ( Cocks and hens) are estimated.

Rural Electrification:

The condition of the rural electrification is Satisfactory. All revenue villages and tolas are electrified.

Facilities of rural Communication :In the matter of road communication, this district is the most backward of all the districts of Bihar. The length of metalled road in this district is only 317 km. and the total length of unmetalled road is 376 km. which is very less in Comparison to the total areas of the district. Besides these, there are 8 state dispensaries/sadar hospital,146 primary Health center,16 Animals hospitals and 3 artificial breeding centers in the districts.

Tele Communication :

Two Telegram offices and 102 post offices are functioning in the district.

Police Administration:

There are 15 police stations, 9 subsidiary police station and 5 out posts are at work in the districts.

Education :

834 Govt. schools are imparting education in the districts. Bhupendra Narayan Mandal University is situated at the district headquarter, Madhepura and adding glory to the educational atmosphere of this district.