Places of Interest

Singheshwar Temple: Singheshwar Asthan, is situated at a distance of Eight kilometers from Dauram Madhepura (N.E Railway) which headquarters of the block of the same name. The village, situated about 7-kms north, is famous for an ancient Shiva temple. According to the legend, Sringa Rishi established the Shiva lingam at the Singheshwar Asthan temple. It was Shring Rishi who had performed the Putrayeshti Yajna for King Dasharath and later was blessed with four sons. The impact of this legend is seen in a regular visit of a large number of barren women for offering puja here. A month-long fair is held on the occasion of ‘’Shivaratri” which is one of the largest in the state.

Nayanagar Durga Sthan: Nayanagar Durga Sthan is situated at the distance of 11 K.M from Gwalpara Block HQ and at the distance of 35 KM from Madhepura Distt. HQ is not only famous for Manokamna Siddhi in Mahdepura but also in its adjacent areas. The devotees pay their floral and Bipatra offering to Goddess Durga for the fulfillment of their Manokamna. It is usually said that whose offering is accepted by Goddess his manokamna is fulfilled.

Dakini Sthan: Dakini Sthan situated at the distance of 5K.M from Alamnagar Block HQ and at the distance of 60 KM from Madhepura Distt. HQ.