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Office Order
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Joint Order :ID-UL-FITAR 2018 09/06/2018 View (1 MB)
Regarding the Cancellation of License No. 1925 /1927 of the two gutter gun 08/06/2018 View (462 KB)
Cancellation of License No. 08 /96 of the two gutter gun -ARMS SECTION 08/06/2018 View (484 KB)
L590 dT19-05-18 |Regarding special allowance for freedom fighters and their dependents 23/05/2018 View (3 MB)
L 57 Dt 16-05-18 |Regarding the cancellation of License No. 113 9/1186 of the two gutter gun | 19/05/2018 View (336 KB)
L1043 Dt 17-05-18 |Regarding permission to leave headquarters 19/05/2018 View (69 KB)
L328 Dt12-05-18 |Related to monitoring 14/05/2018 View (390 KB)
L348 dt12-05-18 |Regarding participation in a meeting related to the pre-preparation of potential flood 2018. 14/05/2018 View (381 KB)
L921 Dt28-04-18 |Shab-e-Baraat District Joint Order-2018 28/04/2018 View (749 KB)
L1221 DT 25-04-18 |For the construction of 10000 (ten thousand) toilets on the occasion of 37th raising day of Madhepura district,Regarding digging a total of 20000 (twenty thousand) pit in the district 25/04/2018 View (2 MB)